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Women’s Self Defense

The Rape and Assault Prevention Association teaches applied personal safety. Awareness and avoidance skills are always emphasized as the first line of self-defense. Beyond this you will be taught the physical techniques needed to protect yourself from a larger, stronger and more aggressive person.
The RAP Defense System is a program that has been developed exclusively for women and their self-protection needs. Physical, psychological and verbal skills are taught to prepare and protect women from very specific situations. The situations, attacks and defenses that surround an assault on a woman are much different than those that surround a man. These differences are studied, responses are determined and reactions are then constantly reinforced to protect and empower the student to control the outcome. Mental preparation and verbal responses are critically important areas of study in the RAP Defense System. Students of the system not only learn to protect themselves, they also become more confident, assertive and successful in every other area in their lives.


  • How to recognize potentially dangerous situations and avoid them.
  • To assess situations quickly and respond decisively.
  • The different types of offenders, their unique characteristics, and how best to handle each one.
  • Verbal and physical tools to end an attempted assault and get to safety.
  • Safety tips to use when at home, traveling, driving, shopping etc.

Our programs range from a one-hour lecture, a two or four-hour seminar, to yet a full eight hour hands on workshop.

These programs will give you the knowledge, skills and attitude that lead to self-confidence and his self-esteem. The concepts taught and the numerous subjects covered genuinely make this a life changing experience.


At your request, we hold women’s only self-defense classes at UMAC. Periodically, we will present a comprehensive two-hour course on one main area of self-protection specific to a females needs. Violence against women continues to be on the rise. Take control of situations by learning how to fight back and WIN! You have a responsibility to protect yourself and your loved ones and these courses will give you the necessary tools. Every participant will leave with a brand new perspective on controlling situations! These courses are appropriate for women 13 and older.
The courses cover such topics as:
  • Weapon Defense
  • Grab & Hold Escapes
  • Ground Control

The classes are typically run on Saturdays from 2:00 – 4:00 P.M., and is free, which will include handouts for reference. These courses are held on a rotating basis, and upcoming class dates and other information are available on our website.
Weapon Defense
In this class, you will learn how to survive against an attacker with a gun, knife or other weapon using psychological and physical skills. You will learn why certain attackers use weapons, what to do and say when a weapon is shown and how to physically incapacitate this person if necessary. All techniques will be practiced on a padded “attacker.” You will leave this class prepared & empowered!

Grab & Hold Escapes
In this class, you will learn how to escape or control an attacker using psychological and physical skills. You will learn what holds attackers use and what to do if you are grabbed. You will literally make someone sorry they ever put their hands on you. In addition to this, you will learn and practice devastating strikes and kicks. All techniques will be practiced on a padded “attacker.”

Ground Control
Ground control is possibly the most important class. Participants will learn how to use their strength on the ground to escape an attacker. Basic moves are taught and practiced that make it extremely difficult for anyone to control you on the ground! You have got to experience the transformation that takes place when you control the outcome of a situation.


I was taught to change my attitude and think as a resourceful survivor instead of a victim. The hands on practice of the techniques were truly empowering!
K. Jacobs, M.D.
The insight they gave me on rape awareness and prevention was unbelievable. The physical techniques were incredibly empowering. Every women in every business or organization should have the opportunity to take this course!
G. Morelle, Business Owner
The information we learned, the vast knowledge of the subject by the instructors, and the hands on techniques make this class invaluable to all women.
M. Dennis, Administrative Assistant
The structure of the course, the material presented and their organized focus left me with the confidence that I just received a high level education from true professionals. I have and will continue to recommend your course to my family, friends and business associates.
C. Griffith, Financial Services