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Women's Self Defense

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The UMAC Self-defense course teaches applied personal safety. Awareness and avoidance skills are always emphasized as the first line of self-defense. Beyond this you will be taught the physical techniques needed to protect yourself from a larger, stronger and more aggressive person.
The UMAC Self-defense course was developed exclusively for women and their self-protection needs. Physical, psychological and verbal skills are taught to prepare and protect women from very specific situations. The situations, attacks and defenses that surround an assault on a woman are much different than those that surround a man. These differences are studied, responses are determined and reactions are then constantly reinforced to protect and empower the student to control the outcome. Mental preparation and verbal responses are critically important areas of study in the UMAC Self-Defense course. Students of the system not only learn to protect themselves, they also become more confident, assertive and successful in every other area in their lives.


  • How to recognize potentially dangerous situations and avoid them.
  • To assess situations quickly and respond decisively.
  • Verbal and physical tools to end an attempted assault and get to safety.
  • Safety tips to use when at home, traveling, driving, shopping, etc.

Our programs range from a one-hour lecture, a two or four-hour seminar, to yet a full eight hour hands on workshop.

These programs will give you the knowledge, skills and attitude that lead to self-confidence and his self-esteem. The concepts taught and the numerous subjects covered genuinely make this a life changing experience.

To inquire about bringing one of the programs to your organization or work place, contact John Ingallina at ingallina@gmail.com or (585) 924-7450.

Upcoming Class

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Can this really happen to me?

We hope not. But the experts say that one in three women will be sexually assaulted sometime during their life. This training could keep you, or someone you love, from being a statistic.

Will these techniques work for me?

Without a doubt. Everyone can learn these simple yet effective techniques. This system of self-defense is appropriate for all ages, all levels of fitness, and all body types.

Can I really lower my chances of being raped by attending this program?

Absolutely! Not only will you become more aware of your surroundings but also you will be mentally and physically prepared to control a dangerous situation if it occurs. Remember, over 80% of the women that fought back helped their situation.

Is this a martial arts class?

No – while some of the physical and psychological techniques are similar, this program is a concise and practical method of self-preservation.

Will I remember these techniques?

Reviewing and practicing any learned material will always help with the retention. However, once you become attuned to the psychology of self-defense you will react to a situation automatically. An occasional review class is also recommended.

When are the classes scheduled?

The classes are typically run on Saturdays from 1:00 – 3:00 P.M. Dates for upcoming classes and other information are posted on our website, or you can fill out our online information request form to be notified of upcoming classes or seminars.